Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day Six in El Salvador

hola!jkghy...that was Glenda typing haha. Just goes to show how difficult it is to blog in this house. hyfdtfgftyhohbinm,mmmyhujhj8ui9uj8hiujijjnubb6hykl omjmiuyyyhyhuhjhjgt6yy..that was Glenda again. She thinks that she is saying johana princessa bonita and samantha beautiful, and daniella beautiful. haha it is so funny so I left it in for you all to see. She asked me what my mom´s name was and then said,¨ohh bonita (beautiful). ´Tatiana es bonita´..she typed that with my help. Tatiana is her mom and since we´re already talking about her, I would like to tell you about them to pray for today. Tatiana is about my age, and she is a great mom. Tonight she made us dinner. She made cheese pupusas especially for Sam, Danielle, and I. They were perfect, and tasted even better than the pupuseria.

This morning we went to church called CIA. I think the website is if you want to see it. It was nothing like what I expected, but I really enjoyed it. It was so nice, perhaps nicer than most churches in America. They had great music, and sang a lot. There were even a few songs that we know in english. It was a really cool experience to be able to worship God in a different language, but saying the same thing. How awesome is it that no matter what language, no matter what ethnicity or race, and no matter what age, we can worship God! They also had dancers with tamborines, which I thought was so neat. After we sang, they had a drama, which was comical, but had a moral. It was about a couple who wanted to divorce and went on a tv show. The actors were really funny, but in the end, the message pointed to Christ. A man told them that they needed Jesus in their lives. The power went out, but it was okay because they have backup power. The only thing that didn´t work was the air conditioning, so it got pretty hot, but we´re used to that now. The first thing I noticed when we first arrived at the church was how nice all the people were. They even set us up with a translater so we could fully understand the message. They are starting a new series called Áconsejar Christo´. The message was really good and I loved how much scripture the pastor used. He talked about how many people look to God´s will as Him filling a void, or something they need such as a job, relationship, or financial needs. But God´s will for us is what He wants us to be. Also, He said that Christ is our everything, like it says in Colossians 3, Christ is our life. He doesn´t show us the way, He is the way. He doesn´t just speak truth, He is truth. The gospel isn´t just words, Christ is the living word. He is ¨the way, the truth, and the life¨(John 14,6). I am so happy that God knew that we would be going to this church, it is just what I needed to hear. The pastor also said that some people believe, while others think they believe. If you depend on things other that Christ on a day to day basis, you aren´t believing. One of my favorite things he said was that when you ask God for wisdom, He will give you more of Christ in you, as with other things you ask for. Lastly, he said something which I think is important for everyone to hear. When you pray for help with a sin that maybe a habit which you keep falling into, know this..Christ in me will never do that sin, and I ask that I would not live this life, but Christ in me, because Christ is my life. I know that was a lot of little random points from the sermon, but I wanted to share them and remember them.

After church, we went back to the Promise House because Jorge had to drop off some of the girls from the Hope House. We ended up going to the restaurant at the end of the street with hermana Marina for lunch. It was a huge treat for her, because it was a pretty nice restaurant. She had a kind of crab soup, and we had quesadillas. I had orange lemonade to drink and it was delicious! Danielle and I ended up ordering one to go, and it was funny because they gave it to us in little bowls! When we got back to the house, we all took a nap, which was much needed. It was really hot today, so our room was much hotter than usual. After a while, Beth (the missionary down here) came, and brought her laptop and projector. We watched Éver After´ with the girls and that was a ton of fun. Beth bought platanos con leche, and I tried one. They were pretty good actually. After that, we watched Tati make pupusas, which we may try when we get back!

Tomorrow we begin to go into the centers again, and will be there all week. We will be at CISNA in the mornings with the girls in the prison, and CIPI in the afternoon with the orphans there. For those of you praying, please pray that the Bible lessons we do each day will impact the lives of those who hear them. Also, pray for the girls and babies in the Promise House. Pray that God will be glorified in everything we do this week, as it is our last. Hopefully I will be able to update more often, but you never know in this house!

Thank you so much for praying!!!

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