Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 9

It seems like the time is flying by here in El Salvador. For some reasons, I do want to come home, but when I think about the people here that I love, I wish I didn´t have to leave them ever. I wish more than anything that I could take these precious children and friends with me. I love them so much, and it is hard to imagine leaving. This is going to be a short post because I don´t have much time, and it´s also getting past my early bedtime haha. Just wanted to let you all know we´re doing good. We only have two days left in the centers, which is kinda sad because I love going. Though I love it here and all that we do, it has been a rather tough and long week. Long story short, at lunch on sunday, Danielle and I got Naranja Limonada (orange lemonade) which by the way tasted wonderful. But it was not worth the result. Apparantly, it was made with the water, and it made us sick. It caught up with us yesterday when we woke up. I had two glasses of the drink, so I had it worse. I ended up having to stay home yesterday from the centers because I was feeling so bad.. plus I wanted to be okay for the rest of the week because we are leaving on monday! I went all day today, and I am doing much better (minus small and random stomach pains). Danielle is feeling much better too I think, so that is also good. Hòpefully I will be able to update you all soon, and in more detail, but if not I will definitely blog more when I get back.

For those of you praying, pray that my stomach feels better. More importantly, pray for the girls in the house and at the centers, and for all the people we have made relationships with. Pray that they would have been impacted by God using us here. Pray for their situations (which are very difficult and trying) and their future (which is unknown and can be very scary). Pray that God would draw them unto Himself, and that the Holy Spirit would move greatly in El Salvador!

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  1. Orando por ti, amiga! Sounds like you're having an amazing time!
    -Julie Milne